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Mac Nwosu’s Biography

I came out of the academic world with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) and a Doctorate in Physical Therapy. I woke up feeling unaccomplished and drained from working 40 hours a week. Life was uninspired, and I truly wasn’t having fun. I found myself feeling like my parents who sent me to school to be better than them. Something was obviously missing, as much as I enjoy my career in healthcare, I had the entrepreneurial bug. I learned quite early, I wasn’t built to punch in and out, doing the same thing daily.

Something had to change quickly. I began looking for ways to work for myself as a side gig. Unfortunately, I still had many holes in my knowledge and was not able to act. I decided to learn on my own but in the process, I found a proven system that helped many others create an online business.

Sales and marketing came naturally to me and I was able to combine that passion with the knowledge from my academic career in business to start consulting online marketers about how to create an online business, market their services online to their ideal clients and sell more efficiently.

I’m passionate about Digital Marketing because I believe it is currently providing a once in a lifetime opportunity for entrepreneurs to reach and connect with our perfect consumer. Whether you’re an absolute beginner or a seasoned Facebook Ads veteran, My Online Marketing education is the perfect vehicle to take your marketing to the next level.

The Ultimate Entrepreneurs Blueprint

The World of Digital Marketing Has Changed…


More people are active on social networks and the trends are not slowing. In order to grow our businesses, it is important we not only accept it, but understand how to leverage the internet. Social networks give you the opportunity to reach millions of consumers, build your brand and reach customers like never before. It makes complete sense to take advantage of this migration. It is likely that your competitors are on social networks and it makes no sense if you aren’t.

A Special Invite


G2R Business Solutions is seeking a small group of 5 special clients to begin launching your Social Media Strategy with Facebook Ads Funnel to close your year with an explosive BANG! We will work with you to design a strategy specific to your needs and requirements on an exclusive partnership approach to managing Facebook ad campaigns while focusing on your ROI.

We give you an offer you cant resist – so please reach out to us today and apply before it’s too late to secure our special package and reach 20% – 50% more ideal potential customers on autopilot, and start lining up for a successful 2018!


If you are a Dentist, Chiropractor, Plastic Surgeon, Medical Spa or other healthcare provider get in touch with us for a special partnership promo offer which leverages on the power of a 100% Risk-Free Social Media Marketing Strategy that will fill up your bookings schedule for the rest of the year with qualified leads on auto-pilot.


Gym owners, Physical therapists, Yoga instructors, Personal Trainers, CrossFit Boxes– let’s work together to fill your classes and gyms with qualified customers willing and ready to transform their lives by signing up for your programs and train with you to make a difference in their lives.


Seeking progressive and successful Real Estate Agencies with strong teams. The market is soft, and buyers are choosy and you need to move units to remain relevant in the industry and we believe that our new Facebook Ads Funnel program will be able to make a difference in sky-rocketing your ROI & profitability.


All other businesses in industries that were not listed above – please contact us to arrange for a 15-min Discovery Call to explore of we can be a good fit. Find out how we can provide a proven social media strategy with a recommended value ladder plan to fully capitalize on your customers’ Life Time Value.

Things We Excel At


We build Facebook Ads Strategy to help small to medium businesses just like yours go big on ROI from your leverage on quality leads. We have the necessary Social Media Marketing chops, we are also Creatives at heart who design beautiful solutions and Technology Mavericks who can free you from all the complex technical setup and customization processes. We get the job done for you!


Facebook is one of the biggest and most engaging social platform in the world and it makes total sense that your business has to be where your customers are because that’s where the money is. If you are not there, you can be sure your competitors are -or whoever has the chops to get in the game.


A social strategy has multiple parts that eventually becomes a powerful automated lead-generation system for your client acquisition system. We take the complexities out of the equation with our Done-for-You Setup services that delivers a fully functioning System.


At the end of the day, all you really want is a system that works on auto-pilot which can provide a consistent flow of leads or clients to your business at the click of a button so that you can focus on what you do best to grow your business to the next level.



The mechanics of a highly-converting custom Sales Funnel – the new breed of marketing pages that are growing at the speed of light, replacing the traditional websites, specific for your businesses’ objectives of effective lead generation.


We take care of all the complexity of Facebook Ads from start to finish with Facebook compliant advertising campaigns (and funnels) for you – giving you the highest chance of a successful social media traffic marketing – so that you can focus on doing what you do best.

It’s Time To Abandon Your Website to Boost Your Sales


A new breed of marketing funnels or more known as “SALES FUNNELS” are growing so fast replacing the old traditional websites, complete with full customization without needing to know how to code complex HTML, CSS, or other complicated website technical jargon and deliver your Client Acquisition Funnel online in a matter of hours! And these highly converting Sales Funnels will work seamlessly in conjunction with Facebook Ads to form a complete and effective Social Media Strategy that can turn your struggling marketing effort into a super effective lead generation system.

Facebook Ads Are The Answer


The Internet has 3.17 billion users which 2.3 billion is social media users. Facebook has 1.71 billion active users (1.57 billion on mobile) and 1.13 billion daily active users (1.03 million on mobile) – if Facebook was a country, it would be the most populated country on earth.

It influenced 52% of consumers’ online and offline purchases and is the most-used social media that accounts for one in every six minutes spent online & one in every five minutes spent on mobile. Facebook has a 3.57 degrees of separation vs average 6 degrees.

Facebook will continue to evolve, it’s safe to say that the platform isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Investing in building and sustaining a presence on Facebook should be a top priority for your business.

Facebook Ads are your Key to Sky-Rocketing your leads acquisition success!


99% of people trying to advertise on Facebook will have their ads and/or accounts banned due to violation of rules. We can help you run campaigns that are Facebook compliant and remove the headache from your social marketing equation.


Facebook is not a magic bullet, but it literally knows everything about your audience like nobody else – and we can leverage on its power to capitalize on lead generation, conversion, engagement, traffic, retargeting, custom and lookalike audiences.


With precise targeting at your fingertips, you can reach your ideal audiences like never with interest, demographic, and behavioral targeting that is unavailable from any other advertising platforms, at a cost much lower than Google Adwords and other traditional methods.


It’s all about having the right digital marketing strategy in place to complement your traditional marketing plans to explode your lead generation efforts and profitability. We build high-converting proven sales funnels to generate thousands of leads for our clients through the Facebook Ads platform.

Fully Managed Facebook Ads Campaigns


There’s a perception that when you buy a Facebook ad and then all of a sudden you experience massive growth and crazy ROI. That’s totally false! If you don’t play by Facebook’s strict rules, your campaigns aren’t going to help you out at all. In fact, you may even get banned and thrown into Facebook purgatory. These rules were put in place to protect users and ensure a great user experience but that is usually at the expense of advertisers and marketers. You need a proper process or system in place. Let us take care of all the complexity of Facebook Ads so that you can really focus on what you do best in your business and allow us to add to your lead acquisition marketing and contribute to your ROI and bottom line.

Your Facebook Marketing Partner

We can build sales funnels and increase your lead conversions no matter what business you’re in or what offer you are promoting. From agency to business owners, healthcare professionals to e-commerce operators, boutique hotels to event organizers, non-profits to MNCs and anything else in between. Let us handle the technical execution of your Facebook Ads marketing campaign and help transform your lead generation and ROI!

G2R Business Solutions


Founded in 2018 by Mac Nwosu, an entrepreneur with years of experience and strong work ethic that founded an award-winning Agency, built an online creative portfolio platform startup, and build a successful affiliate marketing business. We have an extensive creative and digital consultancy experience serving many clients all over the region.

G2R Business Solutions was created to fully capitalize on the opportunities with social media and automated messenger marketing – which is transforming the world as we know it – to help businesses grow.

We specialize in crafting custom “Automated Lead Generation System” for businesses by building killer, high-converting proven Sales Funnels and running advertising campaigns on the Facebook Ads platform that works.

G2R Business Solutions Uses

-Highly Targeted Marketing to businesses  generate leads in hot markets where traditional marketing fails.

– Advanced Lead Nurturing & Follow-Up: Our unique systems allow for you to nurture your leads without having to pick up the phone or text them.

– Seamless CRM Integration- Get notified of your leads instantly so you can follow up with them right away.

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There is a proven strategic process to running your digital marketing campaign to achieve consistent results and we live by our commitment to delivering solid ROI to you.

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